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August 2, 2012

Outdoor stages: safe or not?

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Health and safety is always personal for me, but never more so than  when I’m watching my own children perform.

I’m writing from lovely Winston-Salem, North Carolina where our 13-year-old son is performing at the International Juggling Association Festival and our 18-year-old our daughter is dancing in a show as part of her American Ballet Theatre summer intensive.

Thinking of my own family reminds me of how our larger live performance family was shaken by the Radiohead stage roof collapse in Downsview, Ontario this past June. Like many of you, I was profoundly grateful to hear none of my colleagues was involved – but heartbroken to know someone had died.

How can we respond to this tragedy as a community?

As outdoor events become bigger and more complex, safety practices must keep pace so artists can push creative boundaries without putting people at risk. (more…)


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