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July 8, 2010

The Olympic Cauldron – what took so long?

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With the approach of Canada Day, the stores are filling up with flags as well as red and white merchandise of all kinds, and I am reminded of those incredible weeks of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

As the Health & Safety Manager for David Atkins Enterprises Productions (the company that produced the Opening, Closing and Victory Ceremonies), I got to play a part in that great adventure and I have never felt more Canadian.

Everyone wants to know – What happened to the Olympic cauldron in the Opening Ceremony?

On the big night, one of the traps failed to open and one of the four cauldron arms could not be raised. The traps had worked fine in rehearsal and even earlier in the performance when they opened for the raising of the totems.

Despite many months of thorough planning, design, engineering, risk assessment, installation, testing, approval and rehearsal, in a live performance, these things happen. The specific component that failed doesn’t matter, but what was important was the response.  (more…)


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